Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime...It really is around the corner.

Believe it!  It's happens every year.  The snow melts, the temps start staying above freezing and I get the urge to dig my hands in the dirt.  I love gardening, as much as I love to cook.  But there's something about the entire process...planting a tiny seed and waiting and watching for it to sprout.  Nurturing that sprout to a full blown plant...and then then one morning, to find blooms.  And since I'm a 'detail' type of person, I will look inside the bloom to watch for the fruit!!  Well, it's still too soon to plant seeds, but the snow has melted!  Whew!  Didn't think we would ever thaw out.  I think of the tea room as a, a big seed.  It sprouted, and got off to a great start, and now it's growing.  The bloom is about to appear...

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