Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where has the time gone???

A very good friend told me that I needed to be blogging once or twice a week. I said, 'Huh?  That much?  Come on!  I don't have that much time on my hands!'  Well, HELLOO...I decided my friend is correct. 
And then I logged into my blog, only to see how long it had been...A whole year...what a wake up!  Have I been that busy?  And without thinking twice...yes, I, we, have been that busy.   Hard to believe more than a year has passed since opening Shabby Hattie's Tea Room & Boutique.  We're asked on a daily basis, 'How long have you been open?  And we usually give the same response, 'You need to get to Parkville more often!'  We opened, November 4, 2009.  More than a year has flown by.  We've gone from 30 loose leaf teas to over 65!  We've added a  new sandwich to the menu, (chipotle chicken fiesta) and it's now, one of our most popular entrees.  We've added so much, to the bouTEAque...more tea pots & tea ware, jewelry and clothing accessories.   We were honored with Best Holiday Store Front 2010.  And to top it off...we now have a website!  Wheww!!  I should be checking my heart rate!