Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's back up bit.  We had our first Pie Crust Class less than a week before Thanksgiving.  Everyone got to take home a homemade Pumpkin pie!  The class was so much fun and a huge success!  So many questions about how I make crust...Well, everyone in class used my recipe.  But, it's all about how to roll out the dough.  Hint...You can't make a circle by rolling in a square!

Winner, Two Years in a row

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New news!!

It's been  almost a year 'again', since I've posted, possibly that means I've been just 'that' busy.  But we have a lot of changes in Shabby Hattie's tea room.  I'm getting geared up to do a Pie Crust class just in time for the Holidays!  In fact, I'm doing private sewing classes and, mosaic classes by Carol  are on the horizon.  Carol and I are very excited about the new direction the tea room is taking.   So far, these new changes are being welcomed, and most people walk in and are awe!  Right now we're busily decorating for the holidays.  Last year, Shabby Hattie's Tea Room won the best decorated storefront!   Will they award it two years in a row?  Who knows, but we'll post pics of our efforts! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Where has the time gone???

A very good friend told me that I needed to be blogging once or twice a week. I said, 'Huh?  That much?  Come on!  I don't have that much time on my hands!'  Well, HELLOO...I decided my friend is correct. 
And then I logged into my blog, only to see how long it had been...A whole year...what a wake up!  Have I been that busy?  And without thinking twice...yes, I, we, have been that busy.   Hard to believe more than a year has passed since opening Shabby Hattie's Tea Room & Boutique.  We're asked on a daily basis, 'How long have you been open?  And we usually give the same response, 'You need to get to Parkville more often!'  We opened, November 4, 2009.  More than a year has flown by.  We've gone from 30 loose leaf teas to over 65!  We've added a  new sandwich to the menu, (chipotle chicken fiesta) and it's now, one of our most popular entrees.  We've added so much, to the bouTEAque...more tea pots & tea ware, jewelry and clothing accessories.   We were honored with Best Holiday Store Front 2010.  And to top it off...we now have a website!  Wheww!!  I should be checking my heart rate! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime...It really is around the corner.

Believe it!  It's happens every year.  The snow melts, the temps start staying above freezing and I get the urge to dig my hands in the dirt.  I love gardening, as much as I love to cook.  But there's something about the entire process...planting a tiny seed and waiting and watching for it to sprout.  Nurturing that sprout to a full blown plant...and then then one morning, to find blooms.  And since I'm a 'detail' type of person, I will look inside the bloom to watch for the fruit!!  Well, it's still too soon to plant seeds, but the snow has melted!  Whew!  Didn't think we would ever thaw out.  I think of the tea room as a, a big seed.  It sprouted, and got off to a great start, and now it's growing.  The bloom is about to appear...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Catering, Girls Night Out, at Zona Rosa

Miniature Caesar salads, Spud bird's nests, Spring Spinach Mini Quiche, Zesty Cucumber Sandwiches, and for your sweet tooth,  Pecan Melt-Aways.  Can you say, Spring?  Yes!!
The goods were delivered to Vintage Market, in Zona Rosa by 5pm. and it was already packed!  Well, if you know me, then you know that, within 15min. I purchased a Stinking hot top and capris from 'Chic Boutique'!! Can't wait to wear it.   Meanwhile, I watched people as they sampled the Tea Room Fares.   
The comments were...well, can you guess!  Gotta tell ya, was all good.  All this, after the hectic day in the Tea Room.  We had a full house all afternoon, and was sorry to turn away so many people.  A thumbs up today to my staff, Cristie in the kitchen and Carol taking care of customers.   All in all...a hectic, fun day!  But, do you think I'd have it any other way?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Time at Shabby Hatties

Main street Historic Parkville MO.

Breakfast - 8-10:30

Lunch - 11 - 3

Great teas from around the world to warm your soul all day long.

Stop by and say hi...

Marcia - Shabby Hatties ...
The Proprietor!